Co-opted members

Co-opted members

NameAssociated institutionSubject/research interests
Dr Thomas Christian Bächle

Institute of Linguistics, Media Studies and Musicology, Department of Media Studies, University of Bonn


  • Cultural identities, body and technology – changing practices of visualisation and construct of subject
  • The media and public spaces – negotiation processes between the private and public spheres
  • Surveillance studies, especially in the domain of digital and mobile media
Dr Thorsten BenkelChair of Sociology, University of Passau
  • Micro-sociology
  • Forms of lifestyle
  • Social control/monitoring
  • Commercialisation of intimacy
Dr Hannes Beyerbach

Chair of Public Law, Law on the Regulation of the Economy and Media, University of Mannheim

  • The media and information law
  • Internet law
  • Data protection law
Professor Jan-Oliver Decker

Professorship of Modern German Literature and Media Semiotics, University of Passau;

President of the German Society of Semiotic Studies

  • Analysis of the concept of the person and its mental and historical function within the meaning of historical anthropology in 18th to 21st-century German literature as well as in film, television and the new media
  • Specifically in the context of analysing the factual images of stars in popular culture: the concept of the private individual and how it contrasts with the public role and fictional image
  • Representation of the person and the self in the new media (Internet, video games)
Dr Martin DegelingPostDoc
Ruhr-University Bochum
  • Research on (online) profiling and the possibilities of transparency and intervention in online tracking
  • Models for the implementation of data protection principles in socio-technological systems
Dr Dennis GräfChair of German Literature and Film, University of Passau 
  • Media constructs of privacy and the public in literature and film
Seda GürsesPrivacy Technologies Team, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Leuven
  • Privacy
  • Requirements engineering
  • Surveillance
  • Feminist critique of computer science
Dr Stefan HalftChair of German Literature and Film, University of Passau
  • Media and privacy
Dr Bärbel HarjuLMU Munich
  • Cultural history of privacy in the USA: suburbanisation
  • The media
  • Confessional Culture
Tilman Walter Herbrich, Dipl.-Jur.Chair for Public Law, especially Environmental and Planning Law, University of Leipzig
  • Aspects of data protection in advertising
  • Data protection in social networks
Dr. Matthias Herz

Professorship of Modern German Literary Studies and Media Semiotics, University of Passau;

P3 systems GmbH

  • Media and Privacy
  • Media innovation
  • Media change
  • Automotive Privacy
  • Privacy by design
Dr Henning HofmannChair for Public Law and Information Technology Law, expecially Data Protection Law, University of Mainz
  • Police and Security Law
  • Information Technology Law
  • Data Protection Law
Dr Andreas KapsnerMunich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU Munich
  • The concept and value of privacy
  • Privacy and behavioural economics
Dr Dennis Kenji KipkerInstitute for informational, health and medical law (IGMR)
University of Bremen
  • Intelligence and police law
  • Cybersecurity
  • Medical information law
  • Social Data protection
Professor Heinrich KirschbaumInstitute of Slavonic Studies, Humboldt University Berlin
  • Poetics and rhetoric of privacy in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Privacy and melancholy in late Soviet-era culture and literature
  • Poetry of (a)sociality: Central European poetry after the end of literature-centrism (current project)
Professor Dr Alexander KrafkaFaculty of Law, University of Passau
  • sociology of law
  • individual and collective taboos
  • gender research
Dr Innokentij KrekninInstitute for German language and literature
TU Dortmund
  • Construction of privacy models in literature and media
  • Discursive structure of scandals based on alleged violations of the border between publicity and privacy
  • Relation of autonomy and heteronomy in models and theories of privacy
Professor Ulrike Krieg-HolzInstitute of German Language and Literature Studies, Alpen-Adria-University Klagenfurt
  • Style and stylisation/stylistic analysis of informal communication
  • Description of text types in everyday communication
  • Characteristics of speech
Professor Dr Tobias MatznerInstitute for media science
University of Paderborn
  • Privacy and subjectivity
  • Influence of algorithms and automatisation on questions of privacy
  • Reasoning of the value of privacy
Anne PaschkeChair for public, security and internet law (For..Net)
University of Passau
  • Data protection law
  • Internet law
  • Privacy and digitalisation
  • Media and information law
Dr Nora PleßkeResearch Fellow at the chair of anglistic culture and literature science
Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg
  • Spatial privacy
  • Public and private realms in representations of cities in English-language literature
  • Gender and privacy
  • History of mentalities and privacy
Henrich C. Pöhls, Dipl.-Inform., M.Sc.Chair of IT Security,
Institute of IT Security and Security Law, University of Passau

As a computer scientist, I deal with the technological aspects of privacy, i.e.:

  • Examination of potential violations of privacy in technological implementations
  • Development and implementation of technological provisions for the active protection of privacy, the so-called 'privacy-enhancing technologies' (PET)
Professor Martina RitterFaculty of Social Studies, University of Fulda
  • Dynamics of publicness and privacy
  • Privacy in gender and everyday sociology as well as in political sociology
  • Private and public spheres in Russia
  • Privacy and social space
Professor Beate RösslerChair of Philosophy and its Ethics, Department of Philosophy, University of Amsterdam
  • The value of privacy (privacy and freedom)
  • Generally: ethical aspects of privacy and data protection
  • Social/societal dimensions of privacy and data protection
Dr. Barbara Sandfuchs

Lecturerer at the University of Leipzig;

Associate at Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP

  • Obligation to privacy
  • Protection against themselves
  • Basic legal doctrine
  • US constitutional law
Dr Helene SchmolzChair of English Language and Culture, University of Passau
  • Privacy on the Internet
  • Linguistic aspects of privacy
Dr Thomas SchwabenbauerConsultant for the Bavarian representative for data protection
  • Privacy as a limitation of government action
  • Privacy and freedom of the press
  • Data privacy laws in the public sphere
Alexander Seidl

University for public service in Bavaria,
Special field general administration

Police investigations and manhunts with the participation of the general public involving the use of social networks:
  • Social networks as private and public space
  • Trust in social networks
  • The significance for basic rights of police investigations and manhunts involving the use of social networks
  • Enabling provisions for police access to information in social networks
Dr Bart van der Sloot

Researcher at the Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands;

Coordinator of the Amsterdam Platform for Privacy Research

  • Underlying values of privacy and data protection
  • Modes of protection and new technological developments
Dr. Ralf C. StaudemeyerInstitute of IT-Security and Security Law (ISL), University of Passau
  • Privacy-Enhancing Technologies
  • Privacy in political systems
  • Privacy in an intercultural context