Graduate research fellows

Graduate research fellows

These graduate fellows are currently working on their projects within the Research Training Group:

NameSubjectThesis topic
Christian AldenhoffLawThe role of the State in protecting the right to free development of personality with regard to the use of digital services
Steffen BurkGerman LiteraturePrivate Art: Hermetisation and Sacralisation of Literature around 1900 
Lukas EdelerContemporary History, History of Everyday LifePrivacy in the late-socialistic GDR between "Stasi" and dissidence - A Microstudy in Leipzig's opposition milieu.

Benjamin HeurichEducational ScienceThe quality of truth and legitimated expertise in the Web 3.0: a systems-theoretical approach to the dissolution of the Privacy Paradox
Jakob KelschMedia StudiesFamily rooms and family models in contemporary digital series and serials
Tatiana KlepikovaSlavic LiteratureLiterature Living Unnoticed: Repressive Provision of Private Space in Brezhnev's and Putin's Time
Miriam PiegsaMedia and Communication StudiesOrchestration of autobiographical recollection – privacy in attribution of authenticity for present-day ego-documentary war narratives
Lea RaabePolitical ScienceRadicalisation through privatization - Discourse analysis of digital subcommunities in the context of journalistic online formats
Manuela SixtLawWhistleblowing and privacy with a special focus on whistleblowing by civil servants
Raehyun LeeMedia ScienceMoral Hazards in the Online World:
Debates on the Proper Moral Value and Behavior from Comparative Studies
between Germany, the U.S. and South Korea
Felix SobalaLaw

The commitment to data modest products as protective mechanism for data safety in the context of digitalized everyday life

Kai Erik TrostMedia and Communication StudiesFriendship as private space: investigations into the digital daily life of adolescents
German YakobiLawConstraints of private autonomy and data protection rights in the internet from the view of the Russian and German legislator