'Digitality and Privacy' (2017)

The interdisciplinary meeting "Digitality and Privacy" took place from 26th to 28th October 2017. It covered topics of media cultural and ethical questions regarding the digital develpoment and its impact on privacy.

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The two day conference covered a juridical and philosophic point of view of the context. Therefor international experts and research fellows of the research training group participated in the conference.

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This conference covered the perspective of law and legal informatics, as well as a humanitarian, sociological, cultural and media scientific points of view on the topic.

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In collaboration with the womens office of the university of passau, this interdisciplinary research symposion forced interaction and interchange between privacy and gender research.

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The interdisciplinary conference set a spotlight on establishment, negotiation and shading of privacy in a media context.

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In 2010, a conference of the interdisciplinary research area 'Privacy' took place at the university of passau.

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